View Full Version : Interior Paint

29-02-2016, 00:12
Do we have Interior Paint.dds file for all the cars?

If not, can we create and name it respectively to the car intended?

Darren O'Brien
29-02-2016, 00:33
As far as I know, (Someone Correct me if I am wrong) You can only paint the Interiors if the DDS Interior is allready there ?

The Bentley GT3, Mercedes AMG GT3 I have painted the interior for those as they have a Interior DDS files. As far as others i am not sure that you can just create a Interior DDS file.

I do remember someone asking this last yr about the interiors but can't find the thread, it may have been on the wmd forum.

Perhaps one of the Moderators or Paint Gurus can correct me if this i'snt the case.