View Full Version : Career Mode Unlock Question

01-03-2016, 19:28
Are stats for invitational unlocking cumulative across all careers? I'm a little confused, and wondering if someone could give me some clarity.

Last night, I received the invitation for the 25 Hour Panorama race (which I will probably never do, but that's beside the point). The unlock condition for this appears to be "Complete 500 Career Laps."

Only thing is, my current career is still in Season 1, in Kart One. By my count, I've completed 316 laps.
3 Kart One UK Rounds: 25 laps each
5 Kart One Championship Rounds: 25 laps each.
3 Hour McLaren Race: I completed 100 laps.
1 Glencairn Kart Club Round: 16 laps

That's 316 laps. What am I missing? I can't imagine I turned in another 184 laps in a 30 minute practice session and 15 minute qualifying session for the McLaren. I've occasionally restarted, but mostly due to the bumper-car AI in the kart races, nearly always at the start; there's no way I'd have 184 laps of restarted laps.