View Full Version : This game keeps on surprising me!

03-03-2016, 09:25
So i was doing a race in GT3 on Laguna Seca wit the BMW M3....(career)
Comfortably in the lead (lap 10/25)
I'm starting to think about pitting...maybe in the next few laps...all smooth sailing...
Big mistake,like in real life you have to stay concentrated all the time!
Consequently the corner before the pit entrance i take a little wide and get my rear wheel on the curbs...followed by a 360 spin...
Big panic! Got to get back on track fast,before I get overtaken...my heartbeat rises...wheels spinning but finally i get her back on track just before the pack arrives...sweat drops trickling down my forehead...jeez! That was a close one...

Just wanted to share this experience...another example of how amazing this game really is!

P.s. I ended up second because of a spin at the very same spot...:rolleyes: