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05-03-2016, 11:24
Thought I'd post my experience received from Thrustmaster customer support. I've always found their products to be well built and good value for money, as such I own a T300RS, shifter and recently purchased direct from Thrustmaster the T3PA Pro pedals.

The pedals (accelerator) failed within 6 weeks of delivery, call placed as directed via the Thrustmaster web site. This is when the problems started and the realisation that Thrustmaster support for newly purchased but faulty products is truly awful.

They insist the item is dismantled (remove foot plates etc) and returned to be inspected, they won't consider any form of replacement, they don't respond to emails or if contacted via social media they provide empty promises. When you phone their support line you need to speak to "the" person allocated to your support call, otherwise they will not/cannot comment or provide any information. Should you be fortunate enough to speak to your allocated support representative then they (eventually) will agree to replace the faulty product, I asked for this to be confirmed in writing, which they agreed to do, when the confirmation email was subsequently received the customer services individual called Axel lied and simply reiterated the faulty item should be returned for inspection/repair.

Given that I've been required to chase Thrustmaster, even to obtain an RMA, their level of customer care and service is frankly truly terrible. I'm writing simply to inform anyone who intends to purchase Thrustmaster products and if they are unfortunate enough for said product to be faulty, then you have a long and hard battle in front of you.

For me, I could never recommend or endorse a Thrustmaster products again, I certainly will never purchase a product from this company.

So, be warned, Thrustmaster, in Europe at least, Technical/Customer support is utterly abysmal.

05-03-2016, 11:40
Being fair though you probably could have fixed them yourself there's not a lot to them.. Electronics have been known to fail/go faulty in the past..
My experience with Thrustmaster since 2011 has been great any problems have been simple fixes.
I think it's fair to post the other side to your story..

05-03-2016, 12:21
I had no problems what so ever with their support when the D-pad on my T300 Rim broke after 1 month. 2 weeks after the call and mail conversation I got my new rim.