View Full Version : wheel stand pro and g27 reverse mounting

05-03-2016, 23:04
nothing so revolutionary. it's just sharing an idea for people like me who can not make a fixed seat. :)

today i went my parents house where my dad has a lot of tools for DIY.

I disassembled everything from wheel stand pro, full of guides how to do this.


some notes as a project. I used measures of my real car to decide how to position the pedals. I discovered that probably the old owner had done the same thing, since I found written on the pedals. (Accelerator - Brake - Clutch)


a couple of "wortk in progress" photo. I built everything with recycled wood from old furniture! the cardboard over the wheel is a support for phone. it is something done to test and i found it so perfect that i don't want to change. :o


and the "finished" pedal mounts. this is a prototype to have time to test where i want exactly pedals.


i'm waiting also for this (video) for the final step.


at the end probably i'll put some color and carpet and i'll do a good wiring. :)