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Riccardo De Rosa
06-03-2016, 18:45
It might be an idea for PCars2?
introduce a kind of penalty points. every few accidents raise points.
allow a selection of licenses for the servers. such a system used in ac: http://www.minorating.com/Project

07-03-2016, 18:14
The only problem with this is all the idiots that crash into you making you crash when its not your fault. I have lost count of the number of times I have got a penalty for being forced off the track!
Anyone that raced on Grid Autosport will know what I mean.

Riccardo De Rosa
07-03-2016, 19:10
we can improve the system, we can think of a few filters.
I do not know if the system can do two collision mesh. front and back. the car that crashes into another car uses the front. the car that suffers the blow uses the back. who hits another car it has a higher speed. we can consider the speed as a filter in the event of an accident ? then we can eliminate the consequence for the points in driver license if the car is hit going to hit another car or if it hit to barrier, for example. and other things.

09-03-2016, 00:02
How would it work if the car infront deliberately slams the brakes on in the middle of a straight ?

Riccardo De Rosa
09-03-2016, 05:31
How would it work if the car infront deliberately slams the brakes on in the middle of a straight ?

just an idea
first condition:
average speed on the straight = 100
average recorded speed from the car x = 50
acceptable speed parameter from 70 to 100 in a straight line
second condition
accident with the car y following the car x

if both conditions are true, the x car suffers a penalty

31-03-2016, 21:04
Just discovered that after patch 1.5 for AC. i think its a good and simple solution, every contact gives points and your rating is based on km/contacts. Would it be possible to implement such thing in the DS for PC ?