View Full Version : little request for KB+Mouse fix

07-03-2016, 01:45
wouldn't you mind if i ask for a fix to a KB+mouse control scheme ?
i just want to use a mouse for steering, but it doesn't works good on this game unlike in Assetto Corsa.
the virtual steering wheel isn't rotating like when you're using a sim driving wheel. and its movement
isn't sync to my mouse. so i don't know how much did i turn my car and ended up crashing.

i just want it to be like in Assetto Corsa where a Keyboard + Mouse are working like you're actually using a driving wheel.
it allows you to spin the Vir.Steering wheel as much as a car's wheel can do and its actually responding on my mouse.
it works better than my xbox 360 controller.

i can't just afford to get a decent driving wheel for now due to my financial problem (i regret upgrading my rig).

hope you can approve my request. thank you and god bless. :)