View Full Version : AOD Monday public Leauge 8pm GMT / 3pm EST

07-03-2016, 12:11
AOD will be running a open Leauge on Monday evenings. if you are interested in coming along please do. this will be a public lobby and should be seen in the server list. for more information visit www.clanaod.net (http://clanaod.net)


Monday 3pm EST (time has changed again due to day light saving)

"BMW 320TC Fun Leauge"

2 races per track.
2 lowest scoring races from the whole season (mixed Tracks) dropped at end of season.

First Race is 6laps
Second is 12laps
each has 10 min quali

BMW 320TC Single Car Series

All Assists allowed
fuel: Real
Tyre wear: Real
Weather progression: Normal/Real
Pitstop optional
Flags & Rules: On

15 min practuce (Starting at 3pm EST)
10 min qualifying
5 min warmup

Race 1 - Dubai Club
11.00. Clear weather

Race 2 - Circuit De Barcelona National
11.00. Clear Weather

Race 3 - Brands Hatch GP
11.00. Clear Weather

Race 4 - Watkins Glen GP (28th March!!)
11.00. Clear Weather

27-03-2016, 16:50
Hope to see you all there this Monday.

29-03-2016, 08:01
Wow BMW 320TC i love that car, Its going to be a good league