View Full Version : Dubai Club Track Limits

07-03-2016, 17:17
This may have been bought up before, but I couldn't find anything on a search. The track limits when doing a Time Trial are way too restrictive in places, it seems two wheel on the curb and your lap gets DQ'd. This was one of them:


07-03-2016, 17:48
Prior to the track limit overhaul the Autodrome (all layouts) was a monster for track cutting.

I'd say about 95% of tracks are on point with regards to track limits but may be a few corners here and there that could use a look at. (Eau Rouge still needs a once over please)

One above is petty (had to be annoying if you were on a quick lap :mad:) but rather have the new limits compared to what we had prior.

07-03-2016, 18:24
Thanks. It's the first time I've driven Dubai and was rather surprised it was that far off. I'll just be a bit more careful I guess.