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07-03-2016, 22:23
Been playing the game awhile and really starting to understand why i am getting so frustrated..

i can run a practice session with any car and ffb setting.. go to online room in the same car same ffb.. and it feel completely different.. I exit the session, go back to practice, and it feels the way that it was supposed to and did prior to going into the online session..This has been going since the beginning and i have been hoping the I would find a setting in the FFB global that has set it off.. the closest i have come up with is that in the online game SOP doesn't work correctly, that is even hit or miss, but is more consistent. Occasionally sometimes it will all come together, and that it what keeps me coming back, but now i am just fed up really... Anyone else experience this??

I am running T500RS with F1 rim... all firmware up to date

Krus Control
08-03-2016, 01:38
What you're experiencing might be the steering ratio bug. Sometimes in online sessions the steering ratio gets set to a small value for some reason. This will cause the FFB to feel to heavy and possibly clip. It will also cause snappy moments during oversteer. Could be something else but I'm inclined to think it's this bug.