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09-03-2016, 17:10
I want to go All in for Sim racing, Want to ditch xbox and get a PC. Was looking for opinions on order I should prioritize gear, and if I have right price range.

In the End, I want a PC that will run Triples on High setting, with Monitors that will be high enough quality to get full value from a good/ great PC.
Starting Budget will be around $2000, Only starting with a Thrustmaster TX, and homemade rig.

My thought are, in order I would get.
1) PC, Expect to cost 1100-1500
2) One High end Monitor , 400-800?? ( I am blind in one eye, so VR will not work for me)
That would blow my starting budget.

3) Two lesser monitors for side displays , Can I run High Res in middle and low on sides? $300?
4) Better Brakes, ClubSport Pedals $300 << can I use these with Thustmaster? Assume there is a adaptor for it?
5) Better Wheel ClubSport Wheel Base $600 , and wheel $250?
6) Better Rig, Obutto $1100?
7) Upgrade Side Monitor , 1000-1600?
8) Butt Kickers $??
9) Surround sound System $??
10) Dreaming on this one, Motion Rig??

Wow, thatís a lot of cash. Not getting all at once, so I just want to know if my order makes sense.

10-03-2016, 06:54
Apart from 1 and 2, which are obviously needed, my thoughts are that generally you want all 3 monitors to be the same. The main reason is that however well you might have calibrated two different brands of monitors, they will still display different colours and have different colour gamouts and tints. And even if you are thrilled with triple displays in the beginning, you will begin to notice as you start using them. There might be other technical reasons, like if your main monitor is 144Hz and your side monitors are not etc but i haven't read on those.

SO I would make the list like this:
1, 2(three decent monitors), (remove no.3), 5, 4, 6, 8, and rest however you see fit financially.

Azure Flare
10-03-2016, 07:34
1. With a budget like that, you've got plenty of options. Very powerful components are in that range.

2. With the money you're thinking with, I think 3 1440p monitors would work best. You would get a consistent picture all around. It would weird to have a single 4k monitor with 2 1080p monitors beside it.

3. Clubsport pedals can be used independently from a Fanatec wheel.

4. The Clubsport V2 base has been on my wishlist for a while now... For $250, you would be looking at the BMW M3 GT2 rim. But, you can still get the Universal Hub with a rim for $270. If you want a new rim for it, you can select a different one from Fanatec, or find one from a different manufacturer (Sparco, MOMO, Nardi Torino for example).

5. Why spend $1100 on an Obutto rig when there are much less expensive options? Here (https://usa.gtomegaracing.com/gt-omega-pro-racing-simulator-cockpit/gt-omega-pro-racing-simulator-supreme-rs6-seat) is an example.

6. I'm the wrong person to ask about Buttkickers, I've never used them.

7. A well-placed surround sound system would be better than, say, headphones, but I personally like to crank it up.

8. Motion rig? How much money do you really have?

Umer Ahmad
10-03-2016, 08:13
Spend less of the budget % on things that depreciate quickly like CPU and GPU and SSD and MOBO which undergo heavy R&D. Likely you will have to buy these again in 2-3 years.

Allocate more of your budget towards components which retain value over the long run and are reuseable such as Monitors, Speakers, PSU & Case. A good PSU can last five years easily.

Build a "balanced" machine. Dont have a cpu v gpu imbalance.

And know the product release cycles, new cpu/gpu products push down prices on "last year's winner"

10-03-2016, 12:44
Resolution! If you have different monitor with different resolutions you can't align image!!!
Buy 3 identical monitors with 3 thin frames. AOC do good products. And go for 1080. More options and less stress for video card. Less stress= less money.

10-03-2016, 15:13
thank to all for the feed back

10-03-2016, 15:42
If it is primarily for sim racing I would suggest looking at ultrawide (possibly even curved) monitor over triples, not all games (PCARS for example) support triples that well and the ultrawide (assuming you can get it nice and close to the wheel) will still let you see a lot more of the track than a normal monitor without having to deal with the bezels as you would for triples.

I have over the last year moved from XBone and PS3 to PC and don't regret it at all, as others have mentioned you will forever want to be upgrading CPU (sometimes MoBo required too) and GPU so its worth thinking carefully about going very high end on these items which will be replaced every few months. I got lucky with my PC and bought a lot of it (in several parts) second hand from people at work or on clearance but money can be saved by shopping around, with a CPU for example an i5/7-4XXX will be a lot cheaper than an i5/7-6XXX and offer reasonably comparable performance for the most part. I agree with the comment about spending a bit more than the minimum on the things that don't get upgraded as often, Case and PSU being the big ones - go for nice ones and they will last a lot longer than the bargain stuff that will seem tempting as it might allow you to go +1 on CPU or GPU spec.

10-03-2016, 23:33
4) Better Brakes, ClubSport Pedals $300 << can I use these with Thustmaster? Assume there is a adaptor for it?

Those pedals either connect to a csw base with an rj12 crossover cable OR in your case, directly via usb. I believe they have higher resolution via usb anyways.

11-03-2016, 07:01
I'd get the Clubsport pedals now if you can get a basherboards CPX adapter. Then I would go for the PC; that's what I did. Since then it's been a ridiculous money pit but not something that I regret for a second. I just went to triples...well, I have 2 really good 27" g-sync monitors and 1 27" tv until I can get the third monitor. I must say, triples is a game changer IMO. I went from a 47" tv, to a single 27" 144hz, to now triple 60hz, and soon to be triple 144hz. I don't know how people run high settings with triples though because medium is the highest I can go with ANY setting right now at 5760x1080 and stay at 60 fps...once I get that third g-sync monitor things will be better though.

11-03-2016, 08:39
How is the single TV + 2 monitor setup? Don't you notice the difference in picture hue/quality? Or is it not very noticable by your peripheral vision?

11-03-2016, 09:21
How is the single TV + 2 monitor setup? Don't you notice the difference in picture hue/quality? Or is it not very noticable by your peripheral vision?

It's not too bad. It's new so the novelty affect is there but I chose it over a single really great monitor for the short term. Yeah you don't notice so much in your periphery. The big downside is having to run the 2 monitors at 60hz when they're capable of 144hz.

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
11-03-2016, 09:26
How is the single TV + 2 monitor setup? Don't you notice the difference in picture hue/quality?This right here is why we calibrate monitors. =)

22-03-2016, 19:52
1st buying wave about done, SO VERY EXCITED!!!!

should have PC next 10 days or so.

I5 6600k , gtx980 , 16GB ddr4 Ram , 120gb ssd , 2 1tb HDs in raid 0 , windows 10

Found a RSeat rig on Craigslist, came with a 27" monitor, and Logitech G27 wheel/brakes/ shifter, so I now have a back-up wheel :), and starter Monitor

Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround Sound , also found on Craigslist

Ordered a triple monitor stand, ouch, not sure why I thought this would be cheap.

Have a couple of old monitors That I will have to make due with for a bit. Will only be for sides.

I am so happy with the Rseat, Looks so much cleaner than my old set up. Very happy I have a backup wheel as well.

Question, I am sure I can find answers on my own, But can anyone confirm and how, If I can use the pedals/ Shifter from the Logitech with my Thrustmaster Wheel?

Do I need adapters? I think I do.

Really hope I can use these pedals with the Thrustmaster as stock Thrustmaster pedals are lacking.

I have already placed an order for the NIXIM brake mod for them.

Thanks for any feedback.