View Full Version : Time progression + max opponents slows down lap times on PS4?

11-03-2016, 12:16
Just had a weird bug:

My lap times during a free practice session at Barcelona GP with Formula Renault 3.5 were comfortably 1.34s, then during a race weekend I straight jumped into a qualifying session; using exact same car setup & fuel load and similar weather conditions but with 35 opponents & time progression x5. The car felt extremely sluggish from pit exit and all I could manage was a 1.58 (so 24 (twenty four) seconds slower!!) after 3 laps. Going to the pause menu completely crashed the game back to the PS4 home screen. The AI cars were doing similar lap times, so I think somehow the PS4 got overloaded?

Now I tried again, but with 25 opponents and time progression set to real time and I can drive roughly 1.34s again but now in quali, while the AI is also a lot faster than before and doing similar laptimes to me. So that seems fine, although the car bottoms out more during race weekend while it doesn't do so during free practice (I can hear the sound and see the sparks, none or very little of that in the free practice mode).

Is this caused by the PS4 not being able to keep up with 35 AI cars and time progression set to higher than real-time? Never encountered something like this before, have been playing PCars since June last year - it came with the PS4 which I bought at that moment.

11-03-2016, 13:15
I always keep me AI to around 20. I've read many times that you lose speed/frames per second when having too many on track. It's espically worse when doing sunrise/sunset or rain effects