View Full Version : Xbox 1 Indy Car League

11-03-2016, 21:58
Want to start an Indy Car league and get at least 16 people. want to run at least 12-16 races hopefully. Days and times still up in the air but let me know if you have interest and also tell friends to come on here and let me know as well

12-03-2016, 06:09
Also only on Xbox one

14-03-2016, 07:32
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22-03-2016, 20:15
The small group I run with are already looking to run an Indycar league very soon and keen to get people along for it. Check us out here where we've been running a Lotus classic and LMP2 series which is now just about finished http://www.racedepartment.com/forums/xbox-one-lotus-classic-f1-world-championship.363/

News will be coming soon there about the Indycar league so pop along and introduce yourself :)

22-03-2016, 20:19
Also check out here for another good group that I am in running fortnightly TT challenges and with an upcoming RS01 series starting shortly.