View Full Version : F1SR - Lotus 72D league - Round 2 at WATKINS GLEN | Sat 19th March

15-03-2016, 14:24

Watkins Glen UK 19th March 2016

Race timings:

Official Practice: 20.00 UK (London) Time - 60 Minutes

Qualifying: 21.00 - 30 Minutes

Warmup: 21.30 - 10 Minutes

Race: 21.40 - 30 Laps

Weather: Dry

Local race start-time: 12pm

There are no pitting rules - so strategy is entirely up to you

Round 2 of our Vintage F1 league, the server (Host) is called F1SR & you're welcome to join us, our server will be open - but we will be watching during official practise for stupid/reckless driving, & those responsible will be kicked straight away so the rest of us can have a fun race


Track link: Included in Project Cars
Mod Link: Included in Project Cars

We have racing rules - race like a gentleman and don't knock other drivers off-track especially on the first lap. If you do accidentally knock someone else off into the undergrowth - you must stop as soon as safety permits and wait for that car to regain the track and continue its race ahead of you

If you sustain aero damage to your car in the course of the race you must pit and repair the damage. No cars will be allowed to race with major bodywork (ie. front end & splitter) missing. You should pit on the next available lap to repair the damage.

The general league rules can be found and read here: http://f1sr.co.uk/index.php/forum/f1sr-league-rules/14-f1sr-league-rules

No Chat in Qualifying or the Race please. .