View Full Version : Saving Final Race Results

Scott Mullin
16-03-2016, 13:18
Greetings from Canada!

I'm wondering if anyone out there has been playing with this shared memory thing to save final race results similar to what score4 used to do for NR2003 back in the day?
I am looking to get some simple stats from the end of the race as follows:

finish position
start position
driver name
laps led
laps completed
number of pit stops

I'm just getting into vb with visual studio so the c++ thing is really out of my realm but it looks like vb does not really lend itself well to reading this shared memory like c++ does.
If I could get some help with reading the shared memory using vb then I would be off to the races. Has anyone used vb to read the shared memory? Any assistance greatly appreciated.