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17-03-2016, 14:52

Can someone explain to me what they both do different?
I'm setting up my graphics settings now but these two are left and i have no clue.. :c

17-03-2016, 15:00

17-03-2016, 15:07
FXAA: different Anti Aliasing Method - It might introduce some Image Blurring. You might combine this with AA (example: AA= HIGH/ FXAA=LOW; Also you can use AA=NONE/FXAA=LOW) Using only FXAA LOW without Anti-Aliasing is very cool for Low/Mid end systems

SMAA: another AA method. FXAA and SMAA can NOT be combined. Suggested OFF to start.

Both not explains the performance impact and still dont know what SMAA does.

17-03-2016, 15:12
SMAA = +Quality -FPS FXAA = -Quality + FPS

You have to try it in your system. There is not an ultimate answer for that.

17-03-2016, 18:17
Both suck at removing juggles like MSAA can, I never use it as cannot see the difference between it being on or off

18-03-2016, 01:21
I use FXAA & DSx4 combo. It works great with tree shadows. Idk why but SMAA makes tree shadow look very sharp and it hurt my eyes :((