View Full Version : Nurburgring GP track cutting.

17-03-2016, 19:58
Is this ever going to be improved?

3rd and 4th turns and the chicane. Is so frustrating to work hard and catch up to the car infront, only to watch them increase the gap by at least 2 seconds by just cutting the chicane on the way in and out.

Donningtons chicane has the same problem.

Please SMS, can the track limit be made more strict at these turns?

18-03-2016, 02:11
This issue has been a problem since forever. Although I rarely see it but I guess some people really practice where they can take advantage on which track.
I've seen it at Spa, Monza & Sakitto before. What you can do is take note of where it's possible & if the cars you are racing against are taking these advantages you should follow them.
It is not wrong to do what the game allows.

Will this be fixed? Unfortunately no. From a business perspective there is absolutely 0 benefit for them to fix this.
Resources are better spent on the next DLC or PCars2 because $$.