View Full Version : Save data corrupt again.

17-03-2016, 22:35
"Your save data is damaged and will not be loaded.
-Choose 'Ok' to start a new game. Your corrupted save data will be over written on the next save."

Constant application crashes almost 1 per hour.. This is the 2nd time I've had to start this game over again. All my set ups are gone, controller settings, track specific settings. I'm the same guy whose setups wouldn't save and had to delete my save game and start over and here I am again except now I had many different setups saved on many cars and classes. What's causing these crashes? The last thing that happened was the game crashed and I sent the report and shut down the PlayStation. Next day, corrupt data.

19-03-2016, 11:21
Have you noticed an particular things when these crashes happened, e.g. the PS4 downloading updates?

19-03-2016, 13:06
It happens always when I'm in an online lobby. Either practice or race but it happens more during a race or sometimes when I transition from practice to race right in between that short loading time. I always check for updates and try not to play while an update is downloading.

18-04-2016, 12:57
Happened to me again last night, 1st time 50+ hrs of settings lost, this time 100+ hrs gone. Not a happy bunny at all, loads of setups/tweaks etc.