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18-03-2016, 19:00
Why does this escape me....
I just can't figure out how to do it....
Can someone dumb it down for me or point me to a link / tutorial I'm missing....
Thank you!!!

18-03-2016, 21:32

Check out the "Size & File formats" table.

18-03-2016, 22:43
Ive never even seen the wheel files though ??? Ive figured out how to make a livery and I'm pretty good in photoshop so it turned out good I think - but I just cant find the actual wheel file TO paint it and then once I did find it... does it work the same way as making and saving a regular livery ??

18-03-2016, 23:13
There aren't templates for the wheels like there are for the main livery, so you'll need to grab the .dds files from the CustomLiveries folder and open them in PS in order to edit them. The files you need are {CAR}_WHEEL_DIFF and {CAR}_WHEEL_DIFF_BLUR (the blur version is the moving wheel) - you can get the spec you need to save them in from the link Bealdor posted.

I took a guess when opening the files at having Load Using Default Sizes selected, and unticking Load MIP Maps. It seems to have worked out so far :ambivalence:

Edit - in case it helps, here's a screenshot of my WIP wheel. All I've done so far is paint the spokes/rim blue....


19-03-2016, 00:03
ok that kinda makes sense.... ill try that!!

27-12-2016, 22:14
Don't forget that the wheel files are to be saved as a DXT5 interpolated, the car livery is only a DXT1 with no alpha.

08-12-2017, 22:09
Good God this is needed for pc2!

Final Zodiac
31-07-2019, 19:07
make sure you do all the wheels for that car I.E. Deff blur spec blur.