View Full Version : why ai of some classes seems to be so bad?

18-03-2016, 23:43
Probably it's just me, so I accept advices, but sometimes it's so frustrating play pcars... for me formula b and lmp3 with radical sr8rx against the ai it's just impossible... with all other classes you play nice, the ai play nice = you have fun.... with those 2 it's just pure madness... it looks like they can look at the mirror so they can defend their position, but they can't go outside their lines, so sometimes you are just behind some ai guy, so close you can even smell the gas from the car in the front, but as soon you enter some corner the guy behind just smash against you as if you were not there... I just can't understand what's going on...

19-03-2016, 00:02
That's just how the Ai have been from the start. Sometimes I have great races with the Ai, sometimes they constantly dart to the inside cutting the track. Hopefully they are able to have better ai in pcars 2.

kevin kirk
19-03-2016, 00:15
I have read some people get one thing from the AI and others get another things from the AI. For me with the gt3 and lmps the AI will go way to far out of their way to not touch me. They will cut the corner, but they cut the corner reckless and jamming the brakes as if they have to avoid running into the back of me. Not because they are trying to pass. On corner entry, if they are side by side they tend to try and abandon going in with me side by side. So much so they will go off track to avoid it. On corner exit, If we are side by side I can just ease close to them and the will abandon their position allowing me to push them off the track without even being close to touching them.