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20-03-2016, 19:53
I did not know where to post this so off topic it is!

I'm looking into the Logitech g29, cant find too much info on the forum about it, maybe with an extensive search but who's got the time ? I'm busy playing the game for crying out loud!

I'm currently using a Driving Force GT and it is getting pretty old and I'm really wanting to have a proper manual so I can drive the oldies properly!

My questions are...

1. Is this steering wheel worth it ?
2. You guys have any pros and cons ?
3. What's the FFB like ?
4. Are the pedals comfortable to use ?
5. Should I maybe try and find a used G27 ?

Bear in mind that I live in Iceland and Logitech is the only brand I can get my hands on easily! Don't really want to pay for shipping from UK or US!

Thanks in advance for any advice given :)

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
21-03-2016, 01:23
This is mostly based on my experiences with a G25 and a G27. The wheelbase is exactly the same between the G27 and G29 (G25 had different gearing which effectively just made it noisier), the only real differences are in the wheel rim and the changes in the shifter.

1. It's essentially a G2X base with a DFGT rim with some extra buttons. If that's what you're looking for then sure, go for it.

2. Cons: It's a small rim (though only Thrustmaster and Fanatec make bigger ones) and the maximum FFB level is pretty weak, if you try to run a linear FFB setup on it it'll feel light most of the time. The maximum rotation speed is also quite low, but again only Thrustmaster and Fanatec do any better with consumer wheels, and it's quicker than the DFGT. Pros include sharpness, accuracy, pretty low internal drag, very quick FFB response time.

3. Light, but sharp and accurate, quick responding. Can be very informative if you set it up linearly, but that results in quite a fingertippy strength. The main reason I went for a T500 after years of using a G25 was the FFB strength. Really, the only bad thing about the FFB are the overall weakness and low maximum rotation speed, otherwise it's great. I vastly prefer it to the Fanatec Porsche/baseline CSR wheel (CSR-E is a whole other beast) because even though they are stronger, the FFB response is slower and especially the rotation speed is SLOW on them. They're strong but sluggish for me, whereas the G2X is light but responsive and accurate. Of course the T500/T300 and the CSR-E and CSW wheels are both strong, responsive and accurate.

4. Pedals are great as far as consumer pedals without load cells go. People have broken tons and tons of lap records with those pedals. While a load cell brake is better for feel, the G2X pedals are capable of great things. I do prefer the T500 pedals because I can hang them upside down and the brake is stiffer, but really, they're totally fine.

5. Well if you can find a working one that's been used for a while (in my experience G2X bases have a tendency to either break near instantly or be almost indestructible) then you could consider that. A G29 and the additional shifter do cost quite a bit of money so you might get a better deal with a G27. I personally don't like the small buttons on the G27 but I can't say the G25 is great either since it only has two buttons... The only G2X that has a decent shifter though is the G25, the G27 doesn't have sequential mode and the new one that's sold separately doesn't have any buttons. Almost the best part about the G25 shifter for me (I still use it together with my T500) is that it's also a buttonbox with 8 buttons and a D-pad.

In summary: The G29 rim does have a nifty combination of buttons compared to the G25 and G27. The G25 is just too old and noisy to bother with these days, even though the shifter is the best of the bunch. The pedals on all are identical and are as good as consumer spring loaded pedals get (they also have a ton of modifications you can buy, like a load cell conversion). The FFB is quick responding, sharp and accurate, but suffers from slow maximum speed (comes into play especially when drifting, you often have to move the wheel a lot quicker than the FFB can rotate it) and is just plain weak, it'll make you want to run it so high that it'll end up clipping/saturating most of the time. If you can develop a light touch then that's not a problem though.

21-03-2016, 13:05
Thanks for that Jussi!

Seems fairly conclusive, guess I'll be getting the G29 then :)

Would love a T500 but only when/if I move to the UK :)

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
21-03-2016, 14:40
It's probably going to be a great wheel, I know the base is capable of great things despite its lackings. Just to note though, I have no idea if the new G29 model specifically suffer from any typical faults. I know that tons of G27s have suffered from optical encoder discs that get loose or break easily, and my own G25 is my third one, first two having to be sent back on warranty within a couple of weeks of arrival (first one developed a fault in the shifter, where any light tap on the shifter while in sequential mode would change gear, and the second one developed double activation on one of the paddles, the third one has been bulletproof though), but I have no idea if G29 has any specific peculiarities.

21-03-2016, 14:48
Jussi do you use any brake mod? I installed the rubber spring mod that comes with t500 and is much better than without, is the conical better?

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
21-03-2016, 21:39
Jussi do you use any brake mod? I installed the rubber spring mod that comes with t500 and is much better than without, is the conical better?On the T500? I have that rubber and spring mod too, I like how it makes the pedal a LOT stiffer and limits travel compared to not having it, have not had a chance to try the conical but I hear it's superior. I'll probably go to a skateboard shop sometime and get this stuff: