View Full Version : multiplayer training

22-03-2016, 13:23
Have a little request about making a session only to train on tracks.I mean launch a session and don't get out while to changing tracks and cars.
At this time once the session is running you are able to back to stand and change settings,return to lobby.But if you decide to change track or car you have to leave session and redo a new with changes.
Maybe i'm wrong and a config exist?so i'm not aware of that.
Actually to get something close i set the session with 1 hour of practice and a race for 1 lap.
Once race finished after few seconds the game return to lobby.
Could it be a new function that's avoid setting the race, and only left the practice.?
By this way we could directly return to lobby for change everything without leaving the session?
Think it will be very usefull ,as we are already able to give a try for news players who don't get all game's tracks and cars,with the sharing.
In this way we could train on any tracks and cars with only one session running.
If somebody around have an idea?thanks in advance

Luke Townsend
28-03-2016, 13:43
Seconded. I'd like the option for practice only too. When I've created sessions for practice, even titling "Practice Only", some people get confused (aka get irate) when they realise the practice is a couple hours but the race is really short. ;)