View Full Version : SOP SCALES PS4 t300rs wheel

25-03-2016, 17:34
Hi guys

Bit of noob question for ya.

On the Pcars data page for car setups it has sop scale/lateral/diff/damp at the bottom but i can't find anywhere in the game setting to add this or is this for PC use only!!!???

Many thanks in advance

25-03-2016, 18:20
When your in the garage go to the ffb menu click r1 and you will see the sop settings mate.

25-03-2016, 18:48
Thanks Mark and I spent ages last night trying to find it and thought was it just for PC users.

Will be on later if u wanna hook up for a laugh eeeerr I mean race :teapot:

25-03-2016, 19:24
Yeah mate i'll be jumping online soon just for the laugh :) .