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26-03-2016, 12:08
My searching skill are not that great, and i can't find the information anywhere.
And I'am pretty sure that it was mentioned before in the forum. But at that moment in time i didn't care to much about it. and now i can't find it.

But now i like to do some pratice/setup testing for Time trials and because in time trials you can't tune setup in the pitbox.
So easiest solution is setup a race on the same day so conditions are same as in time trial.

So anyone got the correct date of the Timetrials.

Thanks in advance

26-03-2016, 12:21
if memory serves me it is 11am on the 11th March

26-03-2016, 13:33

27-03-2016, 09:23
Interesting topic!

Did some searching, and it seems to be march 1st at 11am, light cloud.
Se post #10 and #19:

28-03-2016, 15:06
Thanks, that was the forum message that i was looking for.
But because of my searching skills i couldn't find it anymore.