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27-03-2016, 20:39
Hi, iím a player of the game.
After a year of play, i have a big problem now because some days ago the wheel (logitech g 29) turned on the right and the screen turned black with a communication of error.
Then when i restarted the game, i discovered that all my setups were deleted and most of all the setup of my cars were lost, and when i modify a feature of any car, project cars doesnít save my changes.
So i tryed to uninstall the application and reload the whole program there is still the same problem.
iím desperate and i donít know how to fix this situation.
Could you help me?

Thank you

13-04-2016, 09:37
Same here . Anyone know how to fix this problem ?

13-04-2016, 09:42
EDIT : Ignore this, sorry, didn't realise this was in the PS4 section - it helps if people can set their 'platform' correctly (see post #5 in this thread for how to do that). It would also help if I noticed what section I was in before posting :D.

It's possible that the profile data file has been corrupted. You can test this by renaming it (rather than deleting it).

You can find the file in the following location :-

steamfolder\userdata\xxxxxxx\234630\local\project cars\profiles

steamfolder is the location of your Steam installation - the default is on the C: drive, in C:\Program Files (x86) (or C:\Program Files for a 32-bit copy of Windows)
xxxxxxx is a number that represents your current SteamID

The file is named default.sav . Rename it to something like olddefault.sav and restart Project CARS. You will have to reconfigure your controls and some other settings but it should hopefully work around the problem you are having :).

13-04-2016, 09:45
No PS4 i mean

13-04-2016, 09:47
No PS4 i meanNo idea on PS4, sorry, but I see you've already posted in a thread about that so hopefully somebody there will find an answer. It will help if you change your 'Platform' from PC to PS4, to save confusion in the future. Go to Control Panel at the top-right of the forum page , click Edit Profile in the left-hand menu, scroll down to find Platform (at the bottom of the Edit Profile window) and change it from PC to PS4 :).

EDIT : I've just realised that this is the PS4 section. My apologies, since both of the posts in here had "PC" as the Platform I didn't think to check which section I was in (I just look at New Posts) :o.

13-04-2016, 09:53
I belong to a club in Australia called raceonoz and a few members are having the same problem .