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The Pope Of Grope
28-03-2016, 00:32
i have noticed this phenomenon so many times whilst playing the game, its in every race i swear !. . .

example . . if im behind another car and they are running into a corner and im about a cars length behind or in front or side by side, suddenly the back end of the car in front ect steps out and the rear tires light up and smoke. . and he/she loses traction and spins out (totally normal if the set up inst that good). . but as soon as they spin I also lose traction for no reason and spin out (im using a set up that is nice and stable and i know that 9 times out of ten i can easily make that turn) this isnt on an out lap either the tyres are up to temp the setup is stable iv been running with no damage then for absolutely no reason the back end just lets go along with someone else who just happens to take a trip into an armco barrier . . without any contact. .

this is a genuine post guys and girls. . im not one to bitch and moan about nothing or trivial little things. the one thing i have definitely noticed is huge increase in lag in most game servers . . people coming and going dose cause a lag stutter and can cause the handling to get a little twitchy now and then but iv not had had the 'sympathy spins' as i like to call them from laggy game play.

its a real game killer and just makes me want to not play . . guys ! . . anyone. . tell me its not just me. . .

28-03-2016, 01:07
This happens a lot in real life as well. Basically, the issue is that the person behind is using the car in front a reference (as to when to turn or brake). When the car in front has an issue, the car behind likely will to since he/she is not using their own landmarks for their braking/turning points.


FWIW, I was driving my car in that Time Trial session there (just further up in the group). There was nothing slick in that spot. The red BMW dropped a wheel and the blue BMW over reacted.

28-03-2016, 01:39

28-03-2016, 01:54
Yeah, this is similar to the phenomenon of out-braking oneself. I.e., using another car as a point of reference, rather than sticking to your static points of reference.

28-03-2016, 02:43
Happen many times before. What I do is ignore the car in front most of the time and focus your vision more on the surroundings. But don't go hitting him in the back. I would say 90% vision on track 10% on car in front. If you're directly behind him approaching a braking zone and can't see you should weave to the side a little to spot your braking point.

28-03-2016, 09:07
That was the most interesting thing i learned with GTR1. You need to have some sort of triple look in a race. You have to change your breaking point, ignore the car in front of you but at the same time have a close look at him and to your own line. Thats part of the fun in online racing. I love it.
After a break from racing i have to learn it again, i symspin with you :)
Oh and maybe you loosing downforce behind a car,is that simulated ? Sometimes i have the impression but im not sure.

Umer Ahmad
28-03-2016, 11:20
Yes drafting & loss if downforce from opponents ahead is simulated

It can mess up your braking and turn-in for aero-dependent vehicles

28-03-2016, 12:13
I am a victim of this "sympathy spin" :(

28-03-2016, 12:27
When you notice your focusing on the car in front too much, revert back to focusing on apex and brake points so that you dont copy the car in front. During longer straights flash your eyes at the rear view mirror, or use the look behind button to interupt that focus or it will catch you out. Its necessary on long haul races or you doze off and your mind wanders if you keep gazing at the car in front.