View Full Version : Online session : Issues with -> Fixed fuel load, forced default setups, grid order...

29-03-2016, 06:56
Hello !

I have some questions about some online sessions setups that bother us since we started our own little competition with some friends.

First, we all would like to get the same car with the same setup for the session and therefore we choose the "default setup" otpion in the session setup but there are some things that aren't ok. Even with this option, players have different fuel loads in their car. Some of them have full fuel load (54l for our radical SR3) when some other only have 2.4l... We tried to change this value almost everywhere we thought it could help but nothing works... We then decided to let the setup free but that would be a great feature to force a "loaded setup" for every player in the session.

We also would like to reorder the grid positions for the start. To explain we need to adjust the grid with total liberty (this player player first, this one second, that one last, and so on...) that would be really helpful.

I have other requests, bugs and issues that I will try to post on other threads but if some of you could help us figure out how to solve these problems, that'd be great !!

Thanks :)