View Full Version : The Viljoen's don't like each other

31-03-2016, 21:58
Did a 52 lap Indy car race around Bathurst last night (great car and track combo btw). Early during quali I noticed one Stephen Viljoen had set the fastest lap (I wonder if the programmers were under instruction to make sure his profile was fast?). In the end I qualified 8th and Stephen was 4th. In checking the grid I also noticed one Adam Viljoen down in 18th. One wonders if Adam was deliberately made slower than Stephen?

Jumped Stephen at the start of the race (you really need to lift your game off the start :D) and he must of had contact as he pitted and was racing mid pack.

Anyway I don't whether Adam is the son, father or brother to Stephen but cleary there are some issues between them as near the end of the race I was about to lap both when Stephen made a move to pass Adam on turn 2. A bit aggressive in my view. But Adam was having none of it and took him out. Looked deliberate to me. Thankfully I manage to avoid to the little Viljoen family spat and went on to win the race.

And btw, how good is the Indy? Was originally looking forward to the CR7 and Caddy the most but I'm hooked on the Indy. Now one of my favourite cars. Started off using it on all the usual suspects like Road America, Laguna, Sonoma and the Glen. But it's fantastic at Bathurst (a real challenge with full damage turned on, any mistake on the top of the mountain and your race is over), Spa, Le Mans and in particular Oulton International.

31-03-2016, 23:03
We'll considering Stephen Viljoen (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/member.php?37436-Stephen-Viljoen) is in fact the Game Director/Designer I suppose this is quite possible and that you observed such an easter egg is rad.

Edit: i guess you knew that.