View Full Version : Wheel rumble after crash

Thomas Sikora
01-04-2016, 12:00
i use the fanatec SCWv2 with jacks tweaker files (ffb-curbs-Sop latteral).
sometimes i have this problem in a few cars e.g. Radical RCX, Z4 GT3, Ginetta GT3/4/5

- after i crash into the wall the wheel shakes like i would constatly drive over curbs.
I must go back to pit (over escape button) and drive again out but this 2 times because sometimes after 1st drive out this behavior is still there.
The main problem is that if you have a crash in a Q and forget to drive one or two times out /or you don't have the time because the session is ended,until the wheel works normaly and the race starts, you have still this wheel shaking in the race... that is undriveable.
IMO there is missed a reset routine after crash, means if you have this behavior you take it with you if the session is changed.

can someone confirm this behavior or know a other workaround except go back to pit over escape button?


Thomas Sikora
02-04-2016, 12:42
Has no one this behavior?