View Full Version : Has the top speed of cars changed?

02-04-2016, 05:47
I recently restarted my career on ps4. I've finished a season with the 125cc kart and I thought these things were pretty fast, much faster than I remembered. I started season 2 with the 250cc Superkart. Here is where it gets interesting. When I first got this game, day 1 release, I started playing around with setups. I had a book that I would write down the effects of changes I made from the default setup. When you press square it brought up the vehicle info screen that displays the HP, torque, year manufactured, TOP SPEED, etc...I wrote this info down for the Superkart as this was the first vehicle I started to test setups with back then. Looking back at my notes from July 2015, I wrote TOP SPEED 221kph, after 10 patches this number still shows on the vehicle info screen. Throughout the Superkart season the highest top speed I have written down in my notebook for the season I did in July 2015 is 214kph. Today,I did a couple races in career with the Superkart and got a top speed of 237-256kph depending on final gear adjustment.

Anyone else noticed this? I'm not around my ps4 to test the other cars...

02-04-2016, 11:39
I remember reaching those silly speeds in the superkarts months ago. Though i do with tinker with setups a bit. Don't think its a patch issue.