View Full Version : rift dk2 not working since 10.1, help plz :)

02-04-2016, 13:23
i know the DK2 is not supported anymore but i would like to use it until my cv1 ships...

since the patch, i installed oculus home (sdk 1.3 included i guess).
dk2 works with oculus demos like dreamdeck...

but now, P Cars (steam edition) launchs on my main screen, like if the rift was not here.
the led stays orange, screen is off

is there a way to force VR mode ? Did i miss something ?

thanks for your help

02-04-2016, 14:50
That happened to me once and I turned off the dk2 headset and then turned it back on again and the game then seemed to recognise the rift.

But usually, This is how it works on my machine:

1. Open oculus rift home .. Look in the DK2 and when the warning screen appears, move the white dot that is in the centre of your view so that it is inside the rectangle at the bottom of the screen. Keep it there for a few seconds until the oculus home screen appears in the rift.

2. Then start the game in steam. Look inside the rift straight away and that same warning screen should appear again. Hold the White dot inside the rectangle again ... And eventually PCars will start in the DK2 as well as on the monitor.

If I try to start the game first or without oculus home already open the game will not start in the dk2 for me.

I also uninstalled the steamVR program from steam as PCars and Elite Dangerous don't need it...not sure if It is causing any conflicts, but worth a try.

Also, have you installed the new NVidia drivers that were released on the same day as Oculus rift 1.3 runtime? You will probably need to make sure those drivers are installed too.

Good luck mate, you will love it when you get it working.

02-04-2016, 15:25
i feel like a nioub, that was just that : running oculus home...
everything works just fine
i love this game...

02-04-2016, 16:10
Excellent, glad you have it working now. Have fun!


03-04-2016, 04:22
Same thing happened to me, turning the Oculus on and off didn't fix it though a restart of the PC did.