View Full Version : Oculus Store low disk space workaround?

02-04-2016, 21:19
Hi! Since the Oculus app can only be installed on C: drive at the moment, I've run into the error preventing me from installing the game. I've linked the software folder with symlink to a hard drive which has plenty of space, but since the store checks free disk space on C: before starting the download, I only get the low disk space error. Is there any workaround to start the download process? (I do have ~30 GB of free space so it should be plenty for the downloaded files, I just can't get the ~44 GB required for the download to start)

As a side note: Since you provide Oculus store keys for Steam buyers, is there a possibility of getting Steam keys for Oculus buyers? Being able to play online with Steam players too would be nice and it would also solve this problem handily.

Umer Ahmad
02-04-2016, 21:24
I thought i read to try symlinks to point C drive folder to another HDD/SDD

02-04-2016, 21:39
I couldn't get the Oculus app to start when I symlinked the whole folder, just linking the software folder seems to work just fine. Anyways, I think the problem still would be the same since the app checks the free space on C: drive in any case even if the whole folder is symlinked to another drive.