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05-04-2016, 12:07

Over at The Virtual Racing Federation we are about to announce a GT Blancpain style series.

This series will feature;

Full damage
Varying weather
Pit stops
And full tuning

We allow drivers to use any views and any assists they want to run,
we believe its how you race, not what you race with.

The series will be an 8 week series,
1 race each week of around an hr in length and of course a qually session before each race.

We will be visiting some of Europes best tracks for racing on and from pre-series testing its looking good.

IF your after more info take a peek at our site.


08-04-2016, 14:42
9 signed up already with 3 spots left, take a look at the site for more info....

10-04-2016, 11:01
Getting closer to the start of this GT3 series and we still have a couple of spots free on the grid.

pop over to our site for more info on the rules and regs.


15-04-2016, 15:32
Week 1 went well, some good close racing, a jumped start costing a win to 1 driver and 1st and 2nd finished just 1 second apart after 30 laps.

Week 2 moves to Nurburgring, changeable weather with a mandatory pit stop, it should be testing and fun.

We still have a few spots left on the grid, pop over to our site to sign up.


22-04-2016, 13:08
Week 2 done and dusted and it proved to be a tough wet race, we now move to catalunya GP for week 3.
We can still take more drivers if your looking for good clean GT racing uk times.


25-04-2016, 07:57
Still time for you to grab your grid spot for this upcoming GT3 race at Catalunya GP.
Wednesday at 9pm UK time.

for more info take a peek at WWW.TVRF.CO.UK

27-04-2016, 11:20
Still spots open for tonights trip to Catalunya GP.

take a look at our site for more info and maybe you will find what your looking for, good,clean fair racing.


29-04-2016, 19:41
Catalunya GP is done and dusted, yet more driver errors in the pits mixed up the results again, this is one close series.

We move to Hockenheim Gp for week 4, if you want to join a far,fun and close racing series this is the one.


10-05-2016, 17:18
Hockenhiem all done and it was again a new winner, this series is going to the wire.

Next up is Zolder in what will be a twisty track with key chicanes that will probably decide the race winner.

Places still available so to get your spot on our grid visit our site and sign up, it's that easy.


18-05-2016, 16:37
Still 3 races to go and grids spots available.

Tonight we go to Le mans buggatti in the wet, 28 laps of hi speed and bravery.
Take a look at our site for more info and how to sign up for the remaining races in this series.