View Full Version : draw distance (PC)

06-04-2016, 02:55
is there any way to increase this via *.ini?

13-04-2016, 00:24
Id like to know if you can increase the shadow details. Even on ultra they look very blocky and low res no more than id say...20 feet infront of you, the LOD seems very low on shadows at a distance...like console bad.

Lewis Puppy
13-04-2016, 00:32
is there any way to increase this via *.ini?

Draw distance is increased through graphics setting Anti Aliasing DS9X(the best possible), and I believe, the most important graphic setting in this game

13-04-2016, 01:21
Is it not more Environment and Track level that enhance the draw distance more, AA just makes it crisper? Shadows on low for me look smoother, less blocks, these settings work for me.

13-04-2016, 02:16
Low shadows look best in my opinion but they have the downside of introducing some weird effects across track and some gravel traps, especially noticeable at first corner Brands Hatch.