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06-04-2016, 15:59
I've just ordered it and going to receive It tomorrow, if you have read my previous thread 'Thrustmaster T300 or G29?' then you'll know that I was unsure whether to buy it or not due to reliability. However I have heard the current models are a lot more reliable and I took the risk :dejection: hoping I would receive a new model.

Anyway, has anyone have some good T300 ffb setups? I'm sure it will help many others as well.:)

Sorry for any grammar mistakes had to write this whole thing on my tablet.

06-04-2016, 19:52

Start here; good starting point and you can change to suit

06-04-2016, 19:57

06-04-2016, 20:11
Thanks, for quick responses! Been extremely helpful so far!

06-04-2016, 20:24
Well since you are on PC, mine are:

Windows Control panel at 75% strength, all other forces to 0.00

TF 75-80
PWM -0.03
PWMS 0.01
WPS 0.03-0.04

RAG 1.35
RAB 0.10 or a little more
RAC 2.00

SKnee 30
SRedu 60

SClipping 0.00 for both

SGain 1.00-1.05 it makes an immediate difference so make small adjustments.

The FFB strength in other menu is set to 100, i think it defaults to 75.