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06-04-2016, 17:49
I like the racing that I have had thus far in Project Cars. I want to make highlight videos of some of these races. But I find that the replay controls are severely lacking. Fast forward or rearward by 15 seconds at a time can be a but pain when trying to scrub through a 1 hour race. It would be great to have some standard scrubbing controls. Also the camera selections on all the other cars except mine are limited to only 3 views. Getting just the right shot from the cars of choice is all but impossible (impossible if it is an offline race). I was able to get the replay file from a friend to get video from his car. But now I had 2x1 hour replay to painfully scrubb through.

The other thing I noticed is the sound quality. While the sound is wonderful in my car and that of the AI cars. The sound coming from the other online racers is horrible. The only way to fix this is the sample other AI cars and replace the sound track in those video clips. What a pain!

Lastly, it would be awesome to get the ability to manipulate the camera (or a camera) to get custom shots while the replay is running.

I was able to put this test video together. It was only a 1 lap video. I would like to help promote all of this as much as I can.


08-04-2016, 21:08
What, nobody else have these kind of issues?

08-04-2016, 22:32
I to have the sound quality issue in replays. I believe it has been said before that it would not be possible to fix the replays with a simple patch. The code in the game would have to be changed, which is not going to happen. Could SMS have made the replay system better? Absolutely! But most likely it wouldn't have got released when it did. I myself would rather have the game now and live with the bad replay system.

09-04-2016, 04:46
thanks for your reply. It is good to know other have similar issue. We can only hope for more in the future.