View Full Version : can a 970 max this game

07-04-2016, 07:44
Just wondering, can a gtx 970 max this game?

07-04-2016, 07:51
If you're talking about 60fps my answer would be: Yes, in 90% of all cases but only with a reasonable AA setting.

Some exceptions are big grids combined with rain at night.

07-04-2016, 07:51
That depends ;).

What resolution and refresh rate does your monitor work at? What processor do you have? How high do you want the anti-aliasing set?

Because, at 1280x1024 @ 30Hz, yeah, you could almost certainly push all the settings to maximum (except for the AA downsampling) ;).

07-04-2016, 11:20
As said.


I use a 50" TV as a monitor so getting things looking crisp is more of a challenge since every little detail is a bit more noticeable. If I was only ever racing on a track alone, sure you could run pretty much everything at Ultra on my setup (See below) and its 5 years old except the 970 obviously. As it stands I run everything at High with some things turned down like Particles and Grass to achieve a constant 60fps, which to me was more important than it being pretty and running at 30. If I wanted to I could max it all and run 30 fps, but......60fps FTW.

So yeah it CAN, depending on the rest of your setup.

Craig Martin
07-04-2016, 11:39
as stated, the op is vague. If talking about the in-game detail settings at 1080P then I'd say pretty much yes (not sure about grass these days). If you start going 4K (or higher) and/or expecting downsampling then no it probably can't especially if dealing with large grids and rain.

Azure Flare
07-04-2016, 11:53
Have a GTX 970, can confirm it can max this game.

Mad Al
07-04-2016, 12:05
can it and should you run it that way, are two different questions, I "can" run it maxed out (including full DS9X) on a 750Ti, but the frame rates are terrible.

07-04-2016, 12:31
Okj my cpu is: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz ram: 8.1gb my monitor is an lg 1920x1080 idk about the refresh rate

Craig Martin
07-04-2016, 12:36
In that case, pretty much yes you'll get >60fps 95% of the time with everything maxed other than ubersampling or if running a crazy ass grid in torrential rain.

07-04-2016, 12:42
Thanks for the CPU and monitor specs :).

Unless it is a gaming, high refresh-rate monitor, it will be standard 60Hz. As such, you should have no trouble ramping most of the detail up. There are some things to watch for though :-

Environment Mapping and Reflections - There is very little difference between High and Ultra when you're in the thick of it racing, so set them at High anyway.

Shadows and Detailed Grass - If you still find you're struggling to hit 60fps constantly, drop these down to High aswell. You will notice a drop in visual quality (the grass draw distance will be shorter for instance) but you should gain just a little extra performance

07-04-2016, 13:26
While you can get a very decent image quality to run at 60fps stutter free @1080P, the answer to the question is really no, on a simple track , clear weather at noon on your own, this can be possible in very few circumstances with moderate AA

I find frame drops and stuttering very noticeable if even a few frames drop below 60 at hairpins and heavy load scenery

But as has been said you can still get some really great picture quality by turning down a lot of things that have very little effect while actually racing, it also must be noted that FOV, cam type, and even various car cockpits all can have an effect on FPS

There are so many adjustments available that pretty much everyone should be able to get their preferences at decent smooth framerate, for some any "pop up" is very obvious, others it is jaggies or shimmer or even the added immersion of highly detailed cars and reflections while racing in "the pack" Others again seem to be less affected by lower FPS and are happy to sacrifice a bit of 'smoothness'

It is all very subjective and there are many scenarios that have very high performance demands, so I think it is overstating and misleading to a point, to say a GTX970 will run PCARS "maxed out" at the 60 fps it is intended

It (GTX970) will run it very nicely at 1080p though :cool:

Cheers Dakpilot

07-04-2016, 13:47
Many have already answered this but I still want to give you my oppinion: I myself have a gtx970 and even play on three monitors. Ive got almost all settings apart from anti-aliasing but I guess thats pretty much ok. The game runs on 50-60 fps almost all the time. Even if I race with 50 opponents in rain I've still got a very good framerate. If your processor is good enough definetely buy the gtx970.

07-04-2016, 21:01
I used to run a 39" HD tv 1920x1080, but opted to try a 21:9 34 inch monitor 2560x1080. I was running a 750Ti vid card and with the TV I was struggling to get 40 FPS with a bunch of stuff turned down or off. But when i installed the 34" 21:9 monitor, i instantly was able to attain 75 FPS with everything on, but some things nut turned up all the way.

Now I have a 980Ti and everything on using SMAA all the way up. It looks great!

So, where i am going with this comment is that I actually saw a larger improvement in performance when I got the 21:9 monitor than when I got the 9780Ti. Both together ROCK! Now I am set for when I go for the VR head set (maybe in the next 6 months)

Sys spec = 3.2 ghz xeon, 8bg ram, 980Ti

Michael Moe
08-04-2016, 15:06
SLI 2 x 970īs here and pretty happy about it

About 150fps using one car at LeMans on Ultra but down to 55 using no vsync in heavy rain/thunder with 30 AI at night
Michael Moe

13-04-2016, 00:21
GTX 970 G1 Gaming edition here (out of the box clock, no extra over clocking) with an I7 5820k and 32gb of DDR4 RAM, got everything on max except for grass and world detail which is on ultra, AA is on high with ultra msaa and it never goes below 50fps even with 49 cars and in the rain, the rest of the time a flawless 60 fps on a 60hz 1080p monitor...now if only i could get rid of the annoying judder that occurs no matter the frame rate id be happy.

Ive seen what the ultra settings on the other options look like first hand (tried them myself), and honestly apart from the car models theres very little improvement to justify the resources they hog, especially in the heat of a race (at least not on a 60hz 1080p monitor)...hell i doubt you'd even notice the few extra details the ultra car models offer in the middle of a race either. You're not looking at how many individual LED lights are in a Mercedes SLS headlight whilst doing 150mph down a straight with 20 other cars. ;)

So yeah id consider that maxing the game out...at least looking at it from a realistic, practical gameplay point of view.

13-04-2016, 12:20
I have a six core AMD computer, Win 10 on SSD, 12Gb Ram, and GTX960 card and my game runs very fast at 1280x1024 with all settings on medium/high except grass and shadows at low - which is all you need. You really don't need any settings in this game set at the highest because you just will not tell the difference between high and ultra. And detailed grass and shadows will bring any machine to a crawl. But even with many settings at medium this game looks far better than any other racing game I have seen or played.

The main thing you want in this game is very fast frame rates and I get those so they should be no problem for your machine. But no I wouldnt think you could set everything to ultra with that card, even a Titan would probably struggle to keep up refresh rates set on ultra in the rain. The problem I noticed with pushing graphics/frame rates with this game is most of the game is fine but occasionally you get these short slow downs on approaching some corners on certain tracks (like second corner at Oulton and a one at Snetterton). Then the game speeds back up again when you actually get onto the corner with the result that you are generally going far too fast and you shoot off. Did that loads before I got my 960 card. Now its great for me.

But like I say I dont push the graphics because the difference between medium/high and high/ultra is minimal to me. I have skins, track and cars set on high and that's all I am bothered about everything else can be set medium, with grass and shadows on low and game runs really fast and looks superb.

13-04-2016, 12:38
Ehhh ds9x with 55 cars at lemans circuit at night during storm? No boyww I dont think so boyww we down in Alabama dont believe it can boywww..

Lewis Puppy
01-05-2016, 17:12
Nope, but it can do ds6x with 24 cars