View Full Version : How is pcars now on PS4 compared to the Xbox one version ?

07-04-2016, 20:33

I used to own project cars and some of the dlc on the Xbox one but I am unable to access that now and not manage to play pcars in a few months

So not sure what if anything has changed via updates etc

As I am now on PlayStation 4 I plan on buying pcars again is there is difference to the Xbox one version ?

Also I played with a controller and had some very good settings - are there any good settings for the PS4

And I have read there is a GOTY version of pcars due in about 30 days - is it best to wait for this version or just buy the regular version ?


08-04-2016, 05:54
The overall experience on PS4 seems to be a bit smoother than on XB1 because of the better hardware.
The bigger playerbase also means that there'll probably be more players online, if you'Re interested in MP.
I'd recommend to wait for the GOTY Edition. It'll be released on May 6th and will include all DLCs released so far.

08-04-2016, 06:44
Already discussed a bit here: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?45023-Performance-difference-between-PS4-and-Xbox-one

08-04-2016, 11:09
Thanks for the replys both of you and after lots of research it seems the PS4 is the stronger version over the Xbox which is great as when I had the Xbox version it played excellent for me.

So I have pre orded the GOTY version but decided to buy the regular pcars edition as well - I know I should of just waited for the GOTY edition but I am itching to play pcars again so it had to be done.

Also anyone know if the pcars GOTY edition will have all the extra dlc content on disc ?


Olijke Poffer
08-04-2016, 18:41
I recently bought a PS4 and Pcars. I have an Xbox version as well but sold my Thrustmaster TX. I decided to buy a PS4 version of Pcars to be able to steer via tilt motion of the dualshock controller. Works nice i must admit.
I do not notice any difference between the Xbox and PS4 version of Pcars. Perhaps the PS4 version runs a little bit smoother.