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08-04-2016, 01:49
Had not played in quite a while. Came back with new profile and the FFB calibration has changed.
Set at 360 degrees. Thrustmaster T300 RS. And all the sudden the resistance is trying to return the wheel to center DURING CALIBRATION. This is not the way it used to work a while back. Nor did it work like that last night when using 540 degrees of rotation. Noticed a new update went out today?
The only car I drove last night was the Renault FWD touring car and it felt awful. Very notchy and erratic feed back. Like my wheel is sawing back and forth. In no way smooth or like a real car or previous cars driven in this game.
My controller input method is on default (3). May try 1 later.
But the game is kinda acting funky it seems. I remember it being much better and smoother than this.
Anyway. Off to a v8 super car at Bathurst to see how that feels. Then A formula car of some sort.
Maybe those will be better. And the FFB calibration issue will go away on its own.

08-04-2016, 04:00
Was playing on xbone last night and did a few laps on pc tonight. Had to re-calibrate my wheel when switching.

Wheels been fine over here. Don't think the calibration steps have changed since launch. For me (from reading on here) its always 900 degrees on base and in calibration - 1)100 2) 900, after step 2 the wheel returns to center like always. DOR is changed per car with steering ratio.

Have you checked to make sure other settings haven't changed in the force feedback settings. Tire force, overall FFB strength, gains, etc?

08-04-2016, 06:49
Nothing was changed in this area. Check your wheel settings, driver and firmware versions. Resetting the wheel settings and re-doing the wheel set-up also sometimes fixes things if there's an apparent issue.

However, pCARS expects that you run the wheel at its native rotation angle. The game will apply a soft lock at the steering angle that the real car that you're virtually driving has, i.e. setting your wheel to a smaller steering lock is not necessary (if you want a realistic steering experience, that is). Setting a different wheel angle and calibrating the wheel as you're doing now should work AFAIK, but I remember from during development that it would give unexpected results sometimes.