View Full Version : still looking for help on issue on certian tracks.

kevin kirk
09-04-2016, 01:53
A while back I made a thread about a issue I was having at watklins glen with my car and the track outside my windshield vibrating or shaking. Yes I have camera shake off. I have found it does it at one particular spot at Monza. Unlike at watklins glen were it does it all the way around the track. On the front stretch at Monza,on every lap, right as you pass the start of the pit wall I get the same really bad shake of the car the track outside of the windshield for a second. I cant tell if it the setup of the car or if its the game glitching or maybe my camera setup causing it. Thought it might be the car dragging the track but raising the ride height all the way up doesn't help. Its very obvious and pretty bad.Shakes Twice as much as the camera shake option would do, making the track hard to enjoy and Watkins glen unusable. So if anyone has any ideas as to how to stop this I would be greatfull.