View Full Version : HE pedals nor detected in game

09-04-2016, 07:59

I am new to Project cars.
Can someone share with me how to get my pedals recognized?

I have a set of HE ultimate pedals, and when I wnt to assign throttle, brakes and clutch, they were not recognized.

Has anyone experienced this before?
Please share and help.

Thank you.

09-04-2016, 10:27
i got the Pro pedals and they work in PCars.
do you calibrate the pedals with DIview?
after this i only had to choose with axis for clutch/brake and gas and its done.
no extra calibration needed in any game anytime.

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
09-04-2016, 11:18
Yeah, my friend has the Pro ones as well and they work superbly in pCARS. Calibrate in DIview, assign in the controls and then calibrate in the pedal calibration, and they should work.

EDIT: Never mind, DON'T calibrate in-game!

09-04-2016, 11:39
no, do not calibrate in the game after you use DIview!
there is no other calibration needed in every game you wanna use the pedals!
only add the axis in the menue and your done

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
09-04-2016, 11:49
Ah, OK then. =)