View Full Version : G29 break problem

10-04-2016, 01:07
Been noticing something weird now for two nights in a row with my Logitech G29. When I start up the computer fresh and go to pedal Calibration in game, I basically just need to touch the break to get it up to a hundred procent. Same as the other pedals. Everything feels awesome in game and break responds just like I want it to. But after a couple of races or hours I have to press down the break more and more until it gets ridiculous and I've to stand on the break. Then when I go back to calibrate and try it again I really have to struggle to get over like 43 percent!
If I restart the computer and recalibrate it's all fine again.
Does anyone know a solution to this? I'm using a USB hub and maybe should try without it tomorrow but never felt like I had this problem before.