View Full Version : formula B pit stop problem

Sean Reinhardl
10-04-2016, 11:55
playing through Formula B in career mode and when I make a pit stop. The pit crew are giving me the wrong tyre type starting the race on Faretti soft then when I pit for a tyre change am getting yiro tyres. Tried pitting several times selecting a different tyre compound each time and kept getting the yiro.

How do I get the Faretti tyre compound the yiro is not competitive enough for the car

10-04-2016, 12:39
I'm not up to that tier yet.
Is it possible tyre compound is restricted by competition rules? So that you have to run both compounds in a race?

11-04-2016, 14:42
I had this problem in F/B at Spa. I didn't see it at other tracks but it's possible I just didn't notice.

11-04-2016, 16:30
I have a similar issue with wets in GT3.
I select "wets" the pit crew put slicks on, every damn time.
If i select "Select by weather" I get wet weather tyres. If I want intermediates, tough.
The tyre system has always been flawed. I'm struggling these days to get any enjoyment out of GT3 career mode (season 11). Inevitable that at least one race out of two will be changeable / wet weather which means "Well done AI, see you back in the paddock", simply because this game does not allow me to choose the tyres I want. Its basic stuff. But a year on and it's still broken. Maybe I should reinstall for the umpteenth time. Maybe I'll just stick to Solo mode.