View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Button mapping issue with 599XX add on to T500 RS base

16-04-2016, 22:18
Hi everyone,

I am posting here hoping you can help me solving an issue I have been trying all day to sort out.
I am playing Pcars on PS4 using a T500 RS base mounted with this superb 599XX add on wheel.

The wheel is working fine except the button mapping which is completely out of the pre-defined settings.
For your info, here is the button mapping I should get :

The right paddle shift should give me R1 but I am getting triangle. And so on...each button is differently mapped.
I could remap you will say, and I did. Except the left paddle shift which the game will not allow to change because of "multiple input detected".
So I am stuck with no workaround that I found.

Any idea ?
Thanks for you help as this is getting very frustrating.

19-04-2016, 13:27
I will reply myself as it is now solved.
Simply you need to update your T500 base to the latest firmware.
As specified here

TM introduced as from firmware V42 onwards the support of the Ferrari 458 Challenge wheel.
It appears the 599XX EVO wheel is using the same button box than the 458 wheel.

If you running a firmware < V42 you will end up with a wrong button mapping potentially preventing you from using some of them.
Oh and btw, you absolutely need Windows to do so. I am using a Mac and therefore had to install a Windows Virtual Machine to be able to upload. A shame you cannot update the firmware from the hardware you are running your T500 RS from (ie PlayStation or Xbox).

Hope it helped one of you.

19-04-2016, 13:38
It has more troubles.... I use the 458 base(mated with a real Momo wheel) and find that the buttonmapping has issues anyways. I have problems mapping the D-pad in most sims, even though it shows up working in the Thrustmaster 'control panel'.

I never have problems mapping buttons when I use the standard GT wheel. So I think it has something to do with which button nr. corresponds with the D-Pad 'buttons' on the 458(and probably 599).