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17-04-2016, 13:03
Given itīs F1 weekend I couldnīt resist giving it a ride despite rating the car as one of the worst in the game. And I see this issue is still there after months. No matter what you select, this car always has autoclutch on.

Itīs as if someone coded some sort of anti-stall system but messed up completely, because the clutch comes in between every shift (not only when youīre about to stall). That little fraction youīre on the clutch in between every gear is lethal at low speeds, not matter if youīre going up or down the gears.

If youīre braking the deceleration from engine braking is interrupted briefly and then starts again, very often starting a very silly kind of slide, even if you are so conservative downshifting that you donīt turn on a single LED on your wheel.

Itīs also dangerous up the gears, from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd... the acceleration keeps happening in that small fraction your car is clutching and once the next gear engages and your wheels start recieving power the same silly slide starts. You were not sliding on 2nd gear with 60% throttle, and then 3rd comes up and at lower revs and the same throttle input, a slide starts.

When will this be fixed?:mad:

17-04-2016, 18:46
I'm wondering whether it's something that needs to be fixed, or whether it's something in the game by design, because real F1 cars have something like that as well? At least they have an anti-stall system IIRC.

17-04-2016, 19:07
They do have anti stall but all it does is to pull the clutch -or go to neutral, no clue- if you don't start properly or you spin and end up going backward with a gear engaged.

F1 gearboxes have been seamless for 10 years, there's not a neutral phase with no drive during the shifts.

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
17-04-2016, 20:15
F1 gearboxes have been seamless for 10 years, there's not a neutral phase with no drive during the shifts.Well, kinda seamless. They still have one clutch, one input shaft and one output shaft, so they can't have two gears connected at the same time and smoothly go between them, but they do have two shifting barrels, which enables them to shift from one gear to another very quickly, in a matter of a few milliseconds.

17-04-2016, 22:58
Trust me, itīs not "milliseconds" in the game. The gap is big enough to completely break the carīs momentum.

In low speed traction events you lose drive completely and then it comes back roughly, sometimes the rear steps out badly even if you were trying to shortshift in order to stay safe. In the downshifts you lose the engine braking for long enough to unsettle the car when it comes back.

A fix should be easy. Just checked some other sequential cars and they work fine. It seems to be just this one.

kevin kirk
17-04-2016, 23:51
Is this car supposed to be a make or version of a particular F1 car or is it a fantasy car?

18-04-2016, 00:07
It is "based off" the 2011 cars, but is essentially a fantasy car.

19-04-2016, 11:32
It's a 2011 F1 with fictional liveries. Same power, same engine layout, a mockup of the same tyre manufacturer, same KERS system and regulations, DRS, EBD, same weight distribution limitations to the ones Pirelli demanded and FIA imposed, long etc.

19-04-2016, 19:21
Any hope of this car being brought up to acceptable standards? Softs last 25 laps around Barcelona in good condition, rendering the medium pointless. Inters don't work in any weather, slicks work in the rain, full wets don't last even if the track is flooded... It's all a mess, there's not a single compound that works as intended.

19-04-2016, 19:36
^THIS. Seems the FA car doesn't get much love. Basically just left to TT.

Doge, best bet is to increase tire wear to x2-x3 for the time being. At least thats what I have been doing. Doesn't help with inters/wets but should help with the dry.

20-04-2016, 11:08
We have a thread full of effort to balance perfectly a class that is already working OK and devs haven't bothered to fix blatant issues in a one car class where nothing works. I don't know about the clutch thing but FA broken compounds were reported ages ago.