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19-04-2016, 16:29
Hi guy's
Someones asked a question about Multiplayer, as I only play single player with AI, I can't answer it...Thought I would throw it out there, and ask you guy's for some help please ;)

The question: "How would one managing a multiplayer league handle scoring? It doesn't look like there is any kind of multiplayer season mode built in and I can't find an offline scoring app, like a Score4 or anything. Is there anything like that out there or is there a way to configure Score4 to score a pCARS league"?

Thanks for any help :)


19-04-2016, 16:38
This could be used for scoring if you use the driver and safety ratings http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?46276-Autostew-making-online-racing-fun!-(WORK-IN-PROGRESS)-(PC-only)

07-08-2016, 23:01
Someones asked a question about Multiplaye

I'm afraid I am the aforementioned someone. Grateful you started this thread. Thank you Swifty!

This could be used for scoring if you use the driver and safety ratings

This is great. Thanks for posting. Love pCARS and am always looking for more ways to get buried in its wonderfulness. Passing this on to my friends as well.


07-08-2016, 23:26
Not a problem, glad to have helped ;)

08-08-2016, 20:43
You could kero track yourself.

09-08-2016, 00:38
Use simresults.net. It uses the data log files created by the Dedicated Server and will extract a TON of information. We use it for full results for every one of our league races. It will only do points fo rthat single race, but then I just enter them into a spreadsheet to keep them totaled for the season.

Check out the topic here:

14-09-2016, 01:51
Use simresults.net.

Thanks for directing me there. It is exactly what I had been looking for. I read through the topic and all the topics it directed me to. It is so complicated. Apparently one has to be a coder, rocket scientists or both to make it work. I am neither. Assuming I could get the DS installed, the config looks like another language. All this API stuff gets kind of involved too. Wish there was a shortcut, but I'll try to stay with it.

Thanks again!