View Full Version : PCars Dash or Chier Crew? Or Both?

19-04-2016, 17:57
Which one would you choose first? Are they the same kind of App or are they complimentary?

I would like your opinions.

Thanks in advance!

19-04-2016, 18:12
They are complimentary.

Roger Prynne
19-04-2016, 19:32
Defiantly both.... one is visual and the other is verbal, plus the fact you can talk to Crew Chief and get spotter reports.

19-04-2016, 22:05
I run both. You can run both off of a Android device or do what I do and rung Crew chief off of an android device and Pcars dash on an Ipad.

14-06-2016, 13:43
Can you use both at the same time using the same device ?

15-06-2016, 14:28
Can you use both at the same time using the same device ?

15-06-2016, 14:47
I use both and never race or practice without them, both on one Android device.
I see pCars Dash as showing information about the car and its parts.
I see Crew Chief as giving audio information about the car on the track plus car information when it gets critical.

15-06-2016, 15:13
both (when on XB1) and CrewChief with the pCARS profiler on PC