View Full Version : Is Leaderboard Function from Single Player OR Time Trials as Well ?

X Gabe 62 X
20-04-2016, 16:58
In the online section, there is a Leaderboards icon just below Time Trials.

Having done a Time Trial my time appeared on the LB. Just wondering if it counts for single player stuff as well..... or would that allow for too many setup differences / aids etc ??


20-04-2016, 16:59
only TT mode as certain things are fixed like track condition, temp, weather, etc.

20-04-2016, 17:11
As AbeWoz has stated, only valid laptimes set in the 'Time Trial' mode will appear on the leaderboards. You are free to set up the car however you like but the date and weather are fixed. This was done to provide a level playing field of sorts, since the dynamic weather can have a direct effect on the car's performance - the devs didn't want to leave people second-guessing what day or time of day was used to set a particular laptime :).