View Full Version : Whats the fastest you have been in pcars

20-04-2016, 21:42
I think for me the fastest car is the Sauber c9, i have had that think up to 353 kph.
I have tried with the LMP* cars but can never seem to get them going as fast as the Sauber beast!

+ the Sauber has one if not the best sound in game as far as pure ballzy sound goes :P.

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
20-04-2016, 21:51
IIRC the McLaren P1 is at least one of the fastest ones, at least if you count glitches. I don't know why, but on the high speed oval it gets stuck at just under 390 km/h normally, but if you hit a bump on the track just right something happens and the cars starts to accelerate to faster speeds, fastest I've personally done was 411 km/h. It's a bit annoying though because it's somewhat hit and miss, and you can easily try it a dozen times without it working once. And you can't try for long, because the hybrid power runs out.

Another contender would be the Radbull, if you can get it set up right and keep it under control, it has humongous power reserves after all. EDIT: The clutch can't take it though. Power to spare, gearing as well, but the resistance is so high that it's difficult to go beyond 380 km/h because you'll just slip the clutch. I'm sure it's possible, but it's fiddly.