View Full Version : [ANSWERED] Weather, Sync to race issue?

21-04-2016, 11:58
I realised i had never seen a thunder storm rolling in throughout a race so i just set an hour long timed race with three weather slots synced to the race, Clear, Thunderstorm and finally clear again,
I then set off kind of excited to see how a thunderstorm rolling in would look... but you guessed it.. 1hr of driving in brilliant sunshine? Talk about an anti climax.

Ive done Sync to race weather slots before and it has always worked a treat but thinking back I'm fairly sure they have always been set lap race's as oposed to timed race's, can anyone shed some light on this?

21-04-2016, 12:34
Did you run pre race sessions? Sync to race only works when you head straight to the race without practice sessions.

21-04-2016, 12:51
Ahh ok i did, i did.
Thanks for the reply!

21-04-2016, 13:24
Not sure if this issue is on all platforms, but I did a PS4 league race last night with weather set to 'sync to race', 4 weather slots and it worked perfectly.

Here's the video: https://www.twitch.tv/davidcore89/v/61853476

We had two practice sessions, qualifying, warm-up and then a race.

You can see in the video that the race started off very cloudy and progressed to clear skies, you can also see the temperatures on my motec rising as a result of this weather change.

EDIT: It was not a timed race.

22-04-2016, 14:31
Iirc "sync to race" only works if you set race length by number of laps, if you set race length by time "sync to race" doesn't work, you'll need to adjust weather progression manually.

23-04-2016, 17:32
Can't find the source, but was'nt there problems running timed races with changing weather conditions using sync to race ?

EDIT: I think you might have it working if you set up a race with a specifik number of laps instead of a timed race